2021 Embrace Blog

Lets MOVE Towards Our Goals: The Importance of Movement in Speech Therapy

It’s the end of the year. Your students are looking forward to summer break and so are you! Typically by the end of[...]

How to Stay Organized as a Traveling OT

In my first year out of graduate school, I worked with students ranging from K-5 in one building, and I had my own[...]

How To Use Picture Schedules

Picture schedules are a hot topic in the special education setting. Is it because they totally solve every problem[...]

Incorporating Themes into Speech-Language Therapy

We all know a LOT of planning goes into therapy. From choosing activities to incorporating various goals, SLPs spend[...]

Teaching Keyboarding Skills in a Touch Screen World

With phones and tablets ruling today’s technology world, the skill of touch typing (i.e. using muscle memory to type[...]

BOOKS: The Perfect Catch-All of Speech-Language Activities

One of my favorite aspects of being a speech-language pathologist is the variety. I love that I can see a variety of[...]

Four Key Elements to Sensory Room Design

Sensory rooms can offer vital opportunities for calming and organizing input for our special education students, and[...]

Tips for Effective Goal Tracking

Let's talk about one of the behind the scenes duties of a special education teacher...GOAL TRACKING!

The Year of Handwashing

It's the year of hand washing...ALL. THE. TIME!

Five Effective Teletherapy Activities for Families with Limited Resources

Teletherapy. If you work in the school setting like me, chances are you have at least one teletherapy session under[...]

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