Top Four Embrace® Features that You Need to Know

School districts often select education technology vendors because of their key features. However, hidden or not-quite-as-known features can sometimes help drive operational excellence or provide the right assistance at the right time.

Embrace®'s platforms are known for providing educators and school districts with cutting-edge resources and support. A few features that are not quite as well known can help supercharge school districts' success. In this blog, we shine a light on four of these transformative features and showcase the true capabilities of Embrace®.

Feature One: Free Document Translation

Embrace®'s free document translation breaks down communication barriers and allows school districts to communicate with parents better. The translation features apply to both standard form boilerplate and any text created by school districts, teachers, or administrators. It expedites the translation of critical documents, enhancing communication and engagement with parents, students, and staff.

Best of all, this feature is free. No extra charges on a per-document basis. All Embrace® users right now and enjoy ease, accessibility, and savings.

Feature Two: Dashboards for Enhanced Visibility and Efficiency

Embrace®'s intuitive dashboards are user-friendly, providing educators and administrators with a concise overview of essential tasks and student records.

Embrace®'s dashboards provide great insights into student data, such as upcoming tasks required to help ensure compliance and progress on student IEPs. This gives special education teachers and administrators direction and an overview on tasks. It simplifies access to information and tasks and empowers school districts to navigate their roles with clarity and effectiveness.

Feature Three: Unlimited Customer Service Support

In a world increasingly driven by automation, Embrace® stands for human connection through its customer service support. Unlike automated systems, Embrace®'s customer service is provided by real people to provide the best service. With an average email response time of just eight minutes, the support team’s level of attentiveness translates into a remarkable 99% customer retention rate.

Feature Four: Electronic Signatures and Auto Save

Navigating the paperwork of education administration no longer remains a burden with Embrace®'s electronic signatures and auto-save features. These features help to streamline workflow processes and compliance procedures.

Electronic signatures help to expedite the process of obtaining parental consent. This feature eliminates the need for physical signatures, making it easier for parents to be informed and for them to provide their consent. This feature makes it easy for school districts to gather necessary signatures to help ensure compliance. Additionally, the auto-save functionality ensures document security and continuity, mitigating the risk of lost paperwork.

The implications of these helpful features extend beyond convenience. Embrace®'s document translation, platform dashboards, customer service team, and electronic signatures and auto-save features simplify administrative tasks and elevate compliance efforts. Educators and school districts can confidently navigate through education management by engaging with easy-to-use software designed specifically with them in mind. These features are available to every Embrace® client and are part of the way that we provide a better software experience.

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