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Top Four Embrace® Features that You Need to Know

School districts often select education technology vendors because of their key features. However, hidden or[...]

Back to School Checklist for School Districts

As the new year approaches, the corridors of schools buzz with anticipation and preparation. For school districts and[...]

Top Four Questions to Ask When Evaluating IEP Software Vendors

In today's fast-paced educational landscape, supporting students with special needs requires efficient and[...]

The Key Feature to Look for in an IEP Software Vendor

There's a lot to consider when evaluating IEP software vendors. From robust features to regulatory compliance and user[...]

Choosing the Right IEP Software: Three Key Features for Success

Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) are essential in supporting students with special needs to achieve their[...]

School-Based Strategies for Medicaid Outreach

Learn about connecting children and families to Illinois Medicaid coverage in schools in this blog sponsored by IAASE[...]

Tips for Principals: The Evaluation Experience

Public school principals have one of the most intensive and time-demanding jobs. One of the principal’s many duties[...]

Classroom Comprehension Strategies

Reading disabilities have been defined as a specific, brain-based difficulty in learning to identify and interpret[...]

School Medicaid Funding

Many districts utilize Medicaid funds to help provide medically-necessary services to students in the school setting.[...]

Medicaid Billing for Health Aides & Special Transportation

Illinois Special Transportation Services Claims

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