Creating a Daily Classroom Routine

Routine is so important for all kids, but especially for those who struggle with transitioning in any way. Teaching self contained preschool, I have learned quickly that the more consistent our day runs, the better it is for everyone in the classroom! I have also realized that my kiddos thrive on seeing what is coming up in our schedule. Therefore, a visual schedule of our daily routine is a MUST!
This year, I have implemented my daily schedule through the Promethean board. I have found that by doing so, I can easily change up the schedule when needed (like adding a fire drill for instance) without having to completely throw out our normal schedule board. Creating such a schedule board is super simple! I use Google Slides for my platform but I am sure you could also use PowerPoint if you wanted.
First, create your visual schedule on the first slide. You will need to take pictures or find clipart that matches each portion of your schedule. After your schedule is created, you will duplicate this slide the same number of times as you have things on your schedule. For instance, if you have 6 pictures on your schedule board, you will need to duplicate the slide 6 times.
routines-1Then on the second slide you will put a big X over the first schedule board piece. On the third slide, put that big X over the first and second schedule board pieces, and so on. This way,  when you finish a piece of your schedule board, you can have a student (or yourself) touch the board and it will add the X over the portion of the schedule that you have completed.
routines 2 routines 3

My students LOVE when it is their turn to be the schedule board helper because that means they get to use the special pointer and touch the board!

Lynn Wilke


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My name is Lynn Wilke. I live in Aviston, IL with my husband, Adam, and daughter, Aris. I am a self contained early childhood teacher at Highland Primary School. I have worked in a blended preschool setting previously but love the small group instruction that my self contained class offers. My kiddos are each unique in their own way and receive individualized attention daily. We use ABA to work through academic readiness, language building, fine motor, and many other skills throughout the day. I can't wait to share some of my classroom with you through this blog!


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