Administrative Strategies for Obtaining Parental Consent For Medicaid Billing


Distribute Consent to Bill Medicaid Forms

  • Obtain consent for all students by having the Medicaid consent form included in the school registration packet.
  • Obtain signed consent at Consent Meetings and IEP meetings.
  • Obtain signed consent by utilizing the EmbraceIEP® Parent Portal for obtaining electronic signatures.

Explain Consent to Parents

  • Have staff practice “role playing” the conversations they will have with parents regarding the consent form, and practice explaining the purpose for providing consent.
  • Provide informational handouts that staff can share with parents regarding parental consent.
  • Educate staff regarding parental consent and the impact Medicaid reimbursement has for the district.

Establish Procedures Early in the Special Education Referral Process

  • Identify who is the first contact with the parent in the referral process.
  • Provide training in explaining the parental consent form.
  • Determine how the signed consent form gets turned in and recorded in the EmbraceDS® system.
  • Establish a follow-up process throughout the year to monitor pending claims that are missing parental consent.

Share Examples of the Benefits for Utilizing Medicaid Funds

  • To hire and maintain quality service providers
  • Potentially expand services being provided
  • Improve technology resources for staff and students
  • Improve classroom environments
  • Other creative and impactful ideas

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