Simple Tips to Accommodate a 504 Student

The goal of a 504 plan is to provide services or accommodations to help a student with disabilities succeed in the general education environment. A 504 plan may provide accommodations for a student's physical, instructional, or behavioral needs. Remember, accommodations do not change what a student will learn, just how they learn it.

Below are a few simple accommodations that could be made to assist your student.

Physical Accommodations

  • Adjust the student’s class schedule to allow for more time to travel between sessions
  • Allow the student to keep a healthy snack in their desk or bag to maintain blood sugar levels.
  • Supply the student with an extra set of textbooks to keep at home to limit the amount of materials they need to transport.

Instructional Accommodations

  • Write directions on the whiteboard for the student to be able to refer back to when needed.
  • Partner the student with a classmate to help with note-taking and review of materials.
  • Provide a distraction-free space for testing so the student is able to focus without feeling the pressure of others completing assignments first.

Behavioral Accommodations

  • Allow frequent breaks between tasks or groups, to give the student time to reset in a quiet environment.
  • Provide daily feedback to the student, rewarding their good behaviors and giving consequences for negative behaviors.
  • Create a behavior chart for parents to sign at the end of each week, outlining positive and negative behaviors.

There are endless opportunities to accommodate students with 504 plans per disability or condition. Creating a plan should be specific to the student’s needs, based on what fits best with them. To learn more about how Embrace504® can make easy work of creating and maintaining student 504 plans, contact us today!

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