Grant Writing Tips

When an educator is looking to expand or become more innovative in their classroom, they often look to grants for financial support. Grants may come from several sources, from private companies to charities to the federal government. The secret to a successful grant application is all in how it is written. Below you will find a few suggestions for drafting an effective grant application.

 Have Your Purpose

It’s important to be passionate about the cause you want to support, and weave in a personal connection that is your driving force in accomplishing specific outcomes.  Describing the link between your classroom needs and what the grant can help you accomplish can make all the difference in approval. Make the writing personal, but keep it short, as there is a short timespan to make your mark.

 Do Your Research

Research the funding organization and their desired funding outcomes (the cause the organization is supporting through the grant). Then, create the connection of how your cause meets or reinforces the message the organization is trying to convey. Grant reviewers will see the application as a perfect match.

 Be Transparent

Be clear on the specific outcomes and benefits of your project, and how those outcomes will be measured and/or demonstrated. Applications are often rejected because grant reviewers do not feel the request will provide enough of a positive result.

 Explain the Benefits

Showcase the benefits the funding organization will receive if they award you the grant. Recognition can be a driving force for selecting a specific candidate, so include any specific ways that you will bring awareness to their organization. For example, note that you will list the organization as a sponsor when reporting the project’s positive outcomes on social media.

 Overall, having a connection with the foundation where you are applying for a grant is critical. Don’t feel discouraged if you receive a rejection; it is simply an opportunity to rally behind your cause and improve your argument.

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