Why Evaluation Rubrics Matter and How It Can Improve District Success

According to the National Educators Association (NEA), the core purpose of teacher assessment and evaluation should be to strengthen the knowledge, skills, dispositions, and classroom practices of professional educators.  

A successful teacher evaluation system with defined rubrics can improve the quality of education for the students. There are several benefits to utilizing teacher evaluation rubrics for improvement of teaching practices and district wide success in supporting student growth and learning.

Benefits for Evaluating Teacher Performance

  • Rubrics contain benchmarks that reflect clear, achievable and measurable practices connected to teacher performance
  • Rubrics provide a common, consistent language for administrators and teachers to utilize throughout the evaluation process
  • Rubrics provide a clear picture of high quality teaching, and support teachers in constructively reflecting on their current practices

Benefits to District Success

  • Teacher evaluation rubrics provide a consistent framework that administrators use to assess and enrich the teacher’s performance, limiting internal evaluator reliability issues
  • Rubrics provide a guide map for administrators to assess overall district areas of need for professional development relating to teacher performance and student learning
  • Rubrics provide a standard of success for teachers and administrators that support teachers in achieving their best professional practices, and for administrators to be highly effective instructional leaders

The benefits of conducting quality teacher evaluations will directly impact the success of students within your district. Learn about how our teacher evaluation software can help your district find that success!

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